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DjaSoft ! Trading & Stores Management  for Windows 98/2000 XP/Vista/Seven  is a bilingual (french/english) free software for a  small business which consists to manage products with stored stocks organized on stores that can be managed easily in order to get quickly your stocks Informations. So that, you can purchase and sell products with great facilities by managing the different type of your commercial parts.  Including the use of possibility to send rapidly and on a few clics, your commercial parts to your customers/suppliers through the mailing module  which is integrated to the program. 

Easy creating invoices to your customers, products order notes to your suppliers, delivery notes in selling and purchasing, the program will help you to  track instantly your finance & your inventory products. 
See the main features for further informations about the program

At this moment, there is no help available in english language as the program is basically and newly translated from the french language (from version 3.7.1). However, you can see the french articles about the software on the guide of DjaSoft section by using the Google translator by selecting your language on the translation section of this site. As it is newly a translated version in english language,  I hope it will be followed by an english help as soon as possible.


Before using Google translator, be sur that the page you're going to translate is not in your native language. From the english version of the software (3.7.1) ,  some pages will be in that language as the current page.


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Current version : date :01/19/2013

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How to install ?

Please, see the installation guide in french language

See also how to setup the program after installation and before using the sample
company data file or creating a new company file.

The english version starts from the version 3.7.1So, only french language  is available in the previous versions - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!
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